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Guardian Home Program

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Here’s what we ask from all of our Guardian families.

What you need to know!

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At Notch Hill, we believe a dog’s well-being always comes first.  Always!  So our Guardian program is geared to take care of our dogs so they live normal and productive lives. 


Our program offers a "local family" the opportunity to own a ‘pick of the litter.’ The program is only available to families and individuals who live within a 150-kilometer radius of Notch Hill Labradoodles.  


We sign a contract with you that many times the dog will be having litters... usually 3-4 at the most. (which translates to 8 weeks here with us per breeding.  Once the dog is retired from their breeding career, they will be neutered or spayed and the dog will remain forever your pet. When the dog is returned to you... we sign full ownership over to you.

Guardian Families must communicate and work with us regularly concerning any matter related to the dog's health.

Guardian Homes are responsible for routine maintenance and medical care, such as;


* Annual vaccines
* Feed only food recommended by the breeder
* Grooming 
* Heartworm prevention
* Flea/tick prevention
* Behavior training
* Regular exercise and socialization
* Most importantly of all just good old loving care!


Your family’s home must have a physical fence to provide real safety and security for the Guardian dog.

You must own your own home, and have a schedule that allows for your dog to never be left alone for long periods of time.

All dogs and pups must be indoor dogs which means they are never left outside unattended.

Intact dogs should never be in the home to prevent unwanted mating.

Guardian Families must be willing to bring the Guardian dog/pup safely to us when needed.

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