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Upcoming Litters

Litter's Planned for 2024

Puppies will soon be on the way here at Notch Hill Labradoodles, and we couldn’t be more excited!  

Please reserve your puppy early, especially if you have gender, coat, or color preferences. Our puppies are usually all reserved before birth.


For more information on our upcoming litters contact us!

Annie & Artie

Black and White Labradoodle
Apricot Labradoodle

Our sweet Annie will be paired with Artie their puppies will have the best qualities of Australian Labradoodles - sweet, affectionate, loyal, and playful personalities.

These will be medium-sized puppies with black, brown, and apricot coats, possibly with white markings or parti patterns.

Expected Birth Date:                    April 2024

Expected Going Home Date:      June 2024

Accepting Reservations:              Open

Sansa & Artie

Apricot Labradoodle

Sansa and Artie are expecting a gorgeous litter of chocolate puppies in December 2024.

 These anticipated pups will be ready for their forever homes in late January or early February of 2025. They are expected to be small-to-medium-sized with stunning chocolate coats, possibly featuring white markings.

Sansa and Artie are known for their affectionate personalities and eager-to-please nature. Their puppies are sure to inherit these wonderful traits, making them great companions for families and individuals.

Visit our adoption page "Adoption Process" to learn more about the application process and how to welcome one of these adorable Labradoodle puppies into your life.

Expected Birth Date:                   December 2023

Expected Going Home Date:     February 2024

Accepting Reservations:             Open

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