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Feeding and potty training your labradoodle puppy


  • Three separate meals for young puppies during the first few months at home

  •  Routine is important be consistent (Morning, Noon ,Dinner)

  • It can help with housetraining. Since your puppy is eating at the same times each day, s/he will also need to “go” at around the same times each day.

  • If your puppy is still housetraining, free-feeding can delay the process

  • Check your dog food for the recommended amount to feed your dog per day, take that and divide into 2 or 3 meals during the day.

  • If you do choose to give your puppy treats you should reduce the amount of food given at mealtimes so your puppy doesn't become overweight.

  • Give your dog 15-20 minutes to eat, and then take the food away

  • Some puppies go off their food for a few days when they arrive in a new home. This is usually because they are overwhelmed by their new environment and their appetite will come back once they settle in.

  • You should give your puppy his/her meals in a sturdy non-tip bowl.

  • Choose Premium Brand dog foods instead of Economy Brand dog foods.


  • Puppies have not yet developed bowel and bladder control, so they can't 'hold it' as long as adult dogs.

  • Puppies need time to developed a "den" instinct to cause them to want to 'hold it' and not soil the den, i.e., your entire house

  • Reward the pup for peeing or pooping in the right place - use a special treat

  • establish a spot while potty training that your dog knows is where he needs to perform his duties

  • There are three things that will ensure your success as you take on your

  • housebreaking challenge, and I can’t stress the importance of them enough:


Positive reinforcement


Most 8 week old puppies need a potty break every 30 minutes to an hour during the day.

Signs Puppy is about to go potty

  • Sniffing the Floor

  • Turning in Circles While Sniffing

  • Scratching, Standing, or Barking at the Door

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