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Getting Your Labradoodle Ready For Summer

Over the past two months, we’ve been incredibly busy with the 9 beautiful puppies from Sophie's litter. The pups are just about ready to head to their new homes now. Meanwhile, summertime has been creeping up on us. How can you prepare your Labradoodle for warmer weather? Here are some of our top tips.

Provide plenty of fresh water

If we can impart just one essential summertime tip, it’s this: make sure your Labradoodle has access to fresh water at all times. Dogs can dehydrate quickly in hot conditions. And dehydration can be deadly. While engaging in fun summertime activities, be sure to bring plenty of water for your dog. You can pick up a portable water bowl online or at your local pet supply store.

Limit sun and heat exposure

Overheating is a big concern for dogs during the summer months. If your Labradoodle is going to be outside with you, be sure to provide a shaded area. It may be better to walk your dog in the early morning or in the evening when the sunlight is indirect. In general, it’s a good idea to limit outdoor exertion during the hottest part of the day.

Help your dog cool off

Dogs don’t sweat like people do. They regulate their body temperature by panting and through their feet. You can help your Labradoodle stay cool when it gets hot with a frozen bandana. Just wet a bandana, wring it out, and then pop it in the freezer. If you take your Labradoodle on city walks across potentially scalding pavement, consider picking up a pair of mesh booties to protect and cool the feet.

Give your Labradoodle a summer cut

A shorter coat can help your dog stay clean and cool during the summer months. But be careful not to shave your Labradoodle all the way down. A close shave can leave your dog susceptible to sunburn. Be sure to take your pup to a quality groomer for a safe and stylish summer trim.

Watch out for bees and wasps

Labradoodles are naturally inquisitive. They’re always sticking their noses in everything. But bee and wasp stings can be dangerous for your pets. Bees and wasps are more likely to congregate near compost heaps and fruit trees. Always keep an eye on your dogs to make sure that they don’t wander into dangerous areas.

Never leave your dog in a hot car

During the summer months, it’s never safe to leave your Labradoodle in the car. Not even with the windows open. It only takes a few minutes for your pet to succumb to heatstroke and suffocation. And it doesn’t even have to be that hot. On a 78-degree day, the temperature inside a parked car can exceed 100 degrees in minutes. No matter how much your Labradoodle loves running errands with you, don’t take the chance. Leave your pets at home where they are safe.

We hope that everyone has a safe and fun summer. If you have any questions about the tips in this article, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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