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Keeping Your Labradoodle Safe During The Holidays

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, but it can be challenging to keep your furry family members safe during the holidays. There are a variety of doggie holiday hazards to watch out for, including lights, ornaments, presents, and plants. However, by taking a few simple precautions, your Labradoodle can safely join in the holiday fun this year.

Safety Tips Around the Home

Did you know that mistletoe, holly, and poinsettia plants are poisonous to dogs? If you decorate your home with these plants, be sure to keep them in an area your Labradoodle cannot reach. Place burning candles on high shelves or mantels. If you have a fireplace, use a screen to avoid accidental burns. When it’s time to wrap presents, it’s important to keep your Labradoodle out of the area. Wrapping paper, ribbon, and other decorations can cause intestinal blockages if consumed.

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Christmas lights can be hazardous to curious Labradoodles. If your pet becomes tangled in the lights, it can cause burns. Furthermore, chewing on cords and lights can result in dangerous electrical shocks. Always hide electrical cords behind the tree to prevent chewing. If you use tinsel, be sure to hang it beyond your Labradoodle’s reach. Ingesting tinsel can lead to intestinal blockages that may have to be corrected with surgery. Ornaments can also be hazardous to pets. They are a choking and intestinal blockage hazard, plus broken ornaments can potentially injure your Labradoodle’s paws and mouth.

Beware of Toxic Holiday Foods

It’s dangerous for dogs to consume many of the foods that people enjoy during the holiday season. Most people know that dogs cannot have chocolate, but did you also know that macadamia nuts are toxic to dogs? Keep a watchful eye for plates and cocktails left at Labradoodle level. Alcohol and toxic foods might become available to your pet if left on a low table.

Even if it is generally considered safe, it’s a good idea to limit the amount of rich “people food” your dog consumes. Fatty, spicy human foods can lead to digestive upset. Your Labradoodle can join the festivities in other ways that won’t lead to costly vet bills. Give your dog a special treat for the holiday, such as Kongs that can be stuffed with healthy treats or chews that are designed to be safe for dogs.

Reducing Holiday Stress

The holidays can be a busy, stressful time, even for your Labradoodle. It’s important to prepare a quiet hiding place where your pet can retreat and feel safe. Do your best to maintain their routine so that everything feels normal around the home. By taking the time to provide for your Labradoodle’s physical and emotional needs, the entire family will benefit from a more peaceful and relaxing holiday.

Enjoy the holiday season, but at the same time, it’s important to make sure that your pets are protected. We hope that these tips will help everyone have a safe and enjoyable holiday season. Happy Holidays!

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