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Your Labradoodle Puppy's sixth, Seventh, And eighth Week of Development

The Notch Hill Labradoodle puppies are nearly seven weeks old. They’ve been growing so quickly, it’s hard to believe that it’s almost time to send them to their forever homes! They are like little sponges, taking in their surroundings – unless it’s time for a puppy nap! Let’s find out what the Labradoodle puppies will be up to during their final weeks at Notch Hill.

Learning to understand new things

By now, the puppies have a well-developed sense of hearing, which means that they can start understanding words. That includes a new name! If you choose one of our puppies before it’s time to go home at 8 weeks, I can start calling your puppy by his or her new name. It’s also possible for young puppies to learn some basic commands, including sit and down, using positive reinforcement. Each puppy has a short attention span, but can learn very quickly.

Gaining even more independence

The puppies came into the world completely helpless and dependent on others to sustain life. By 8 weeks old, they will be completely weaned with a mouth full of sharp puppy teeth. No longer relying on mom for food, the puppies enjoy three meals per day. The newly independent puppies may start venturing away from their mother and littermates for short periods. Weather permitting, the pups will be allowed to play outside in a secure puppy playpen.

Growing and becoming more agile

There’s nothing cuter than a clumsy puppy hopping about. Though their coordination and motor skills aren’t fully developed yet, they are improving every day. The puppies are growing rapidly during this period, which means they need a lot of sleep. When the puppies aren’t bouncing around, they’re probably taking a puppy nap. In fact, young puppies need approximately 15 to 20 hours of sleep per day.

Socialization is still very important

Many animal behaviorists believe that the first socialization period reaches its peak at around 7 weeks. At 8 weeks, the puppies will be going to their new homes. By that time, your puppy has already received lots of love and human contact. All the puppies have been exposed to different environments and new situations, which will make it easier for them to adapt to their new homes.

Transitioning to a new home

Each puppy has a unique temperament and personality – whether it’s strong-willed or eager to please, gentle or rambunctious, cautious or outgoing. Different personalities match different homes and families, which is why we help you choose the best puppy for your lifestyle. The puppies have all been well socialized so far, but they will need you to continue the process. Set ground rules for your puppy right away, so that he learns to understand boundaries and control his impulses. By introducing your puppy to his new home in a positive way, you can ensure a happy and rewarding relationship that will last for years to come.

If you have questions about how we raise our puppies here at Notch Hill Labradoodles, feel free to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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