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Finding The Right Vet For Your Labradoodle Puppy

After bringing your new canine companion home, you’ll need to find the right veterinarian to look after your puppy’s health and well being. How do you know if you’ve found the right vet for your new puppy? Whether you decide to go with a conventional or holistic veterinarian, choosing a vet is a personal decision. The right vet for you might not be the right one for someone else. However, I’ve come up with some general guidelines that will help you find a great vet for your furry friend.

Communication is key

It’s very important to choose a veterinarian that talks with you, not at you. There are many different philosophies when it comes to veterinary medicine. A great vet will listen to your concerns, explain all the options, and help you make the right choices for your Labradoodle puppy.

Start with recommendations

Do you know other pet owners? Start your search by asking for recommendations. Other dog owners can give you in-depth information that you might not be able to find elsewhere. Before making an official appointment, it’s a good idea to schedule a preliminary visit where you can tour the facility and meet the staff. Look for a clean, modern clinic with polite and competent staff members.

Fees and Payment

In an emergency, cost will not be your number one concern, so choose a clinic that offers high quality services and care. While cost shouldn’t be a determining factor when selecting a vet, it’s important to understand your payment options. What payment methods are accepted? When is payment due? A reputable clinic is always upfront about payment policies.

Schedule a routine check-up

If the preliminary visit goes well, don’t wait until something goes wrong to schedule your first appointment. After visiting the clinic, schedule a routine health check for your puppy. Ideally, it should be relatively easy to find an opening that fits with your schedule. If you’re not happy with the first appointment, you’ll have plenty of time to find a different vet.

What to expect during your first visit

During the first visit, your vet will want to weigh your puppy and check her temperature. A thorough physical examination will include your puppy’s teeth, gums, eyes, nose, skin, and genitals. Note how the vet interacts with your puppy. It’s normal for some puppies to be slightly anxious at first, but a good vet knows how to calm patients and make them feel at ease.

What if it doesn’t work out?

If the first visit doesn’t go as planned, there is no reason to be alarmed. Don’t be afraid to try more than one clinic to see if you can find a better fit for you and your Labradoodle puppy. Before leaving your current clinic, be sure to ask for a complete copy of your puppy’s health records, so you can show them to the next vet.

All Notch Hill puppies come with a well puppy check-up just before heading to their new homes. If you’re in the area, we would be happy to recommend a few reputable clinics.

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